Hello world!

Hello world!

Ahh the joyous starts to new ramblings, I never know how to start these off. Starting with a bit of background might be a good place.

First off, this blog is about my ramblings for development and other such interests.

To being, I’ve always been into computers one way or another, ever since my family got their first Tiny PC, probably making me about 10. At this time, I didn’t know what was possible except a handful of fantastic games that kept me entertained for hours, and a knowing that I always wanted to be on the PC at any given opportunity.

Fast forward a few years; soon enough I was skinning Winamp (It really whips and lama’s ass) and started to dabble in web development. I first started out learning about HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.

I enjoyed developing websites though being self-taught I always felt I was missing something and strived to improve my abilities. Eventually I would end off at university to study Website Design and Development. There were a lot of challenges along the way and the course included more about computer fundamentals than just Website Design or Development. Although I didn’t know its place in my knowledge at the time, I have since called back on those extra lessons quite a few times over the years.

After coming out of University I found it quite hard to land a job and my life went in a different direction. Eventually I would end up as a Tech Lead for a second line team. Which allowed me to challenge myself in real world technical problems. This allowed me to development solutions that my team could utilise. Instead of Web Development it was automation for Windows this is where I got into PowerShell.

PowerShell is a fantastic language; it’s found on all modern Windows PCs and allows you to build fantastic tools that allow you to automate a lot of repetitive tasks.

I have also found use for using it in online coding challenges such as AdventOfCode.

As my Tech Lead role developed, I eventually moved over to be a full time Migration Automation Developer. Building tools and solutions to allow teams to complete tasks and get data from migrations from one domain to another.

I found a love for developing beautiful looking GUI tools which many people could use to complete a number of tasks as I was aware not everyone in the IT world knows how to use the command line.

I have been doing this role for just over 2 years with a more development heavy role waiting in the wings. Whilst we’re on delay from the pandemic I am looking at other development languages and practises.

Part way through my current role I had an interesting challenge, an older system required a Power-Bi style reporting dashboard, whilst it also went through a migration. The system limited in its feature set, so I couldn’t get access to Power-Bi or PowerShell. Having to think outside the box and my comfort zone, I within the span of 5 months build a Power-Biesq reporting dashboard through C# and ASP.Net. Setting up the IIS website (something funnily enough which was never taught at university or even talked about) and using an SQL backend.

Though I certainly don’t think it was my finest work I was able to develop a fantastic website which would take it’s data from an SQL database and allow people to view the data on a website and filter the data to extract exactly what they required and export that data as a CSV document.

Whilst doing this I really enjoyed the process and challenge, given the short time frame to learn something new and going from design, development to deployment. No doubt it was met with many frustrations. At the end of it, it did give me the drive to get back into some sort of web development.

This time it is slightly different having not worked in modern Web development in a long time and pivoting away from PHP to a C# ASP.Net development for my last project I have decided to investigate and build a Blazor style website.

I will be using this blog to show my understanding and development process of the Blazor website.

Along the way no doubt I will probably get a few things wrong, and people are more than welcome to correct me. The idea is that all discussion and feedback is good as with many languages there are a million ways to complete the same task.

The final goal is to have a open source game related blog. Everything I do will be hosted on my GitHub, and I will have a slice of website dedicated to the current view of the site.

I find that the best way to understand a language is to develop in it and use it daily. Hoping to keep the development alive and this blog whilst we go through the process.

Once I feel a little more comfortable, I want to develop my idea further on Twitch, as I will be putting integrations from Twitch into the site.

So that is where I shall leave it for now, I hope that you’ll join me on my development journey.

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