WordPress Health Check

WordPress Health Check

Update PHP version 7.3 to 7.4 within Microsoft Azure

There has been some time since deciding to start this blog. It’s a peaceful Sunday and no better time to start working through some of the site settings ensuring that everything is up to date and accessible.

As expected there were a few updates to action; most of these were manageable from within the WordPress interface. Though one which stood out which I thought would be quite difficult to action was to update the PHP version to 7.4 as a minimum.

After some initial investigation, it wasn’t too bad to action this issue. Below are the steps I went through to complete the update and the whole thing took less than 10 minutes to activate.

  1. Login to your Azure Account
    1. Once you’ve logged in access your website App Service
  2. Configuration
    1. Look for the option for Configuration on the left menu under settings
      Azure Settings
  3. Access General Settings
    1. This should be the second option along the top of the new page.
      Azure General Settings
  4. Stack Settings
    1. Change the top stack setting to PHP
    2. Update PHP version from 7.3 > 7.4
      Azure Stack Settings
  5. Save Settings
    1. Along the top, you should see an option to save settings
    2. This will restart the site so give it a couple of minutes to complete its actions.

Now when you go back into your health settings within the WordPress portal it should have now removed the issue for your PHP version.

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