Fantastic – Doctor Who Audio Drama

Fantastic – Doctor Who Audio Drama

Big Finish Production – Doctor Who Far From Finished

It has been no surprise that there has always been controversy in the Doctor Who camp since Christopher Eccleston left the role of the ninth Doctor after one series.

His series was amazing no doubt and helped to bring the Doctor back full time on the BBC. It has spawned spin-offs, movies and a tonne of merchandise. I have no doubt that Mr Eccleston was a big part of helping to create this.

Mr Eccleston bought life to the charatcer, but for many years it looked like we were not going to get him back in the role. When the 50th anniversary rolled around and he wasn’t to be seen, it was looking less and less likely he would return to the role in any form.

Until recently, thanks to Big Finish Production, we now have some audio stories where we get to imagine some of the extra trips this doctor might have taken between the end of the Time War and his final story in “The Parting of the Ways”.

Here is a little clip BBC published to their YouTube Channel:

You can find the stories over at Big Finish Productions

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