Starfield – Latest Info for Bethesdas SpaceSim

Starfield – Latest Info for Bethesdas SpaceSim

Starfield the Bethesda space game

Originally announced at the Bethesda E3 Press conference. Starfield hasn’t had much information released, other than knowing Bethesda is working on a space-themed game.

Announcement for Starfield

The trailer above really didn’t announce much other than a new IP that Bethesda was working on, alongside Fallout and Skyrim.

Two years running now, E3 will be hosted online and one of the talking points for Bethesda is Starfield. With hopes that we start to see more information.


Before you ask, we won’t be looking at any of the leaks that have came out here. That’s what Google is for.


Back in 2020, a year we’ll probably all try to forget, Microsoft bought Bethesda. No doubt to bolster their already fantastic Xbox Games Pass. Users can already gain access to the entire Bethesda catalogue. Well, that deal also wasn’t cheap, coming in at $7.5 Billion.

It wasn’t confirmed at the time, but we now have some information about where to expect Starfield. A tweet from Jeff Grubb in relation to what consoles the new game will come out on, sorry Playstation owners.

Jeff Grubb tweet on the platforms for Starfield

As the hype seems to be building for this game. I wonder if this is going to have a significant impact on the player base. As it’s now confirmed exclusively to Microsoft owned Platforms. Are we likely to see Linux users getting a port? Bethesda does have a launcher, but that only supports Windows platforms.

We still have no release date for Starfield. Hopefully E3 this year will shed more light on the game.

You can read more about Starfield on the fandom wiki.

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