PowerShell v7.2.0 Preview 9

PowerShell v7.2.0 Preview 9

PowerShell has not updated it’s preview build to v7.2.0 preview 9. This includes the following changes:

Note: Known issue about ANSI code being written out in table views when using PowerShell with a legacy host that doesn’t support virtual terminal. For details see: #15978

Breaking Changes

  • Change the default value of $PSStyle.OutputRendering to OutputRendering.Host and remove OutputRendering.Automatic (#15882)
  • Fix CA1052 for public API to make classes static when they only have static methods (#15775) (Thanks @xtqqczze!)
  • Update pwsh.exe -File to only accept .ps1 script files on Windows (#15859)

Engine Updates and Fixes

  • Update .NET adapter to handle interface static members properly (#15908)
  • Catch and handle unauthorized access exception when removing AppLocker test files (#15881)

General Cmdlet Updates and Fixes

  • Add -PassThru parameter to Set-Clipboard (#13713) (Thanks @ThomasNieto!)
  • Add -Encoding parameter for Tee-Object (#12135) (Thanks @Peter-Schneider!)
  • Update ConvertTo-Csv and Export-Csv to handle IDictionary objects (#11029) (Thanks @vexx32!)
  • Update the parameters -Exception and -ErrorRecord for Write-Error to be position 0 (#13813) (Thanks @ThomasNieto!)
  • Don’t use ArgumentList when creating COM object with New-Object as it’s not applicable to the COM parameter set (#15915)
  • Fix $PSStyle list output to correctly show TableHeader (#15928)
  • Remove the PSImplicitRemotingBatching experimental feature (#15863)
  • Fix issue with Get-Process -Module failing to stop when it’s piped to Select-Object (#15682) (Thanks @ArmaanMcleod!)
  • Make the experimental features PSUnixFileStatPSCultureInvariantReplaceOperatorPSNotApplyErrorActionToStderrPSAnsiRenderingPSAnsiProgressFeatureName stable (#15864)
  • Enhance Remove-Item to work with OneDrive (#15571) (Thanks @iSazonov!)
  • Make global tool entrypoint class static (#15880)
  • Update ServerRemoteHost version to be same as PSVersion (#15809)
  • Make the initialization of HttpKnownHeaderNames thread safe (#15519) (Thanks @iSazonov!)
  • ConvertTo-Csv: Quote fields with quotes and newlines when using -UseQuotes AsNeeded (#15765) (Thanks @lselden!)
  • Forwarding progress stream changes from Foreach-Object -Parallel runspaces (#14271) (Thanks @powercode!)
  • Add validation to $PSStyle to reject printable text when setting a property that only expects ANSI escape sequence (#15825)

You are able to see the latest changes and keep track of the development over at the GitHub page.

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