Qlik Sense How To Fix Connection Lost

Qlik Sense How To Fix Connection Lost

Recently I’ve moved roles and now working in the world of DevOps and learning a whole new world of information. A task that had been passed to myself, which had been circling for a little while was in relation to a BI reporting tool. Every time someone logged in after 10 minutes of use they would get a “Connection Lost” message.

My early days into the new role, I tracked the issue, got an understanding for WebSockets, but along side that found the fix for the issue as well.

The issue

After logging into the Qlik Sense environment you may find that after a certain amount of time (I’ve found 10) minutes of use they will be prompted that the connection was lost and to refresh the page. 

This can occur if the user is active on the page or leaving it idle for that period of time.

Qlik Sense Connection Lost
Connection Lost Qlik Sense

Checking the Web Developer Console will show that this co-insides with the WebSocket connection which also closes after 10 minutes.

Qlik Sense WebSocket


Further information can be found at Enabling-TCP-Keep-Alive-Functionality-In-Qlik-Sense.

The issue occurs due to the TCP WebSocket connection being closed due to a Firewall not receiving any TCP traffic such as Keep-Alive packets. 

This was a known fault and resolved within Qlik Sense since June 2018 Patch 1 and later releases.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Login to the Server where Qlik is hosted. 
  2. When logging into the Server navigate to the following locations:
    1. Services.msc
    2. C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Proxy
  3. Within the Services we are looking for “Qlik Sense Proxy Service
    1. Right Click and set this to “Stop
      1. This will close any active logins for people accessing through this proxy.
  4. Whilst the service is stopped within the Proxy folder locate a file called “Proxy.exe.config“.
    1. Open in Notepad or editor of choice.
    2. Location a value called WebSocketPingInterval
      1. This should look like <add key=”WebSocketPingInterval” Value=”0″/>
    3. Amend the value of the WebSocketPingInterval from 0 
      1. This is best set between 60 seconds – 300 seconds, any lower and it will cause a heavier load on the CPU.
    4. Save the file
  5. Right click and Start the “Qlik Sense Proxy Service

Users should now be able to login to the service again and use it without getting the connection lost issue.


When using the service it should no longer give Connection Timeouts warnings after 10 minutes.

If the application is left for 30 minutes without action interactions from the user they will be noted that the session was logged out instead. 

Qlik Sense Logged out

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