Nerdrays update 31/7/2022

Nerdrays update 31/7/2022

Just a quick update, as they say something is better than nothing.

I think I’ve decided that at some point in the near future I will be moving from WordPress blogging software over to Ghost for future blog posts.

I believe that although WordPress does make up a large majority of websites that people view, it does also mean that they are slow and stagnant with really pushing and updating their platform. So a more modern blogging software might be the best option. This I hope in turn is good as competition.

AWS RDP PowerShell connections – I continue to work on this project, it’s going a little slower as I learn how to handle JSON files correctly in PowerShell. The latest feature I am implementing is the ability to change settings within the project.

This is held within a config file, and I am also working on a way to allow people to update their preferences.

You can follow the project and the branches over at the github page

In other news I am back into the world of Star Citizen, the new patch 3.17.2 was dropped this week. It included some of the following updates:

  • A lot of Auec (I got over 6Mil to begin with)
  • A lot of people spending their money
  • A lot of people disappointing when CIG dropped the bombshell that they done goofed on calculations of the Auec
  • A lot of people losing a lot of money back to the tune of 20k

I did manage to buy a couple of ships and with that I was able to keep them, though I know there will be future wipes incoming soon enough so I am not too fussed how they want to handle the game at the moment.

My ultimate goal with Star Citizen is to start with a starter ship and work my way up to much bigger and better ships.

Hopefully I shall see some of you in the verse.

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